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The annual Sex Expo was held at the Brooklyn Exposition Center, September 2019. Many atttended an event unlike any other, where sex is celebrated, and today’s latest and greatest offerings are presented in style. No shame, just pleasure!

Featuring today’s top leaders in sex, intimacy and romance, the one-of-a-kind event is dedicated to celebrating sexual wellness in a modern, uplifting space. From product demonstrations to entertaining workshops, to all-day special events, including contests and sample giveaways, Sex Expo offers a refreshing, sex-positive environment where all are welcome to attend, learn and explore.

Adult Star Stormy Daniels made a special guest appearance.

Visitors got to pick up some good vibrations with a crash course on modern sexual relationships; and explore today’s latest and greatest sex toy innovations, with experts on hand to answer questions and provide guidance. Guests learned from top sex educators and intimacy experts to gain tips, tricks and a crash course on modern sexual relationships through fun and entertaining workshops.

At the Sex Expo, one could discover the latest products and services designed to enhance pleasure and intimacy, whether they’re looking to spice up their sex life, find their perfect sex toy, explore what’s hot in the online world, or all of the above. The Expo gave people a chance to step up their sex life with workshops catering to singles and couples of all experience levels with spicy tips and tricks that they can bring back to the bedroom… and beyond!

Sex Expo caters to partners and singles from all walks of life and all genders, sexual orientations and experience levels — from newbies to pros — with insightful information and products for all.

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