Miss Courtney Morgan

My piercing, green eyes will capture your soul from the minute you enter My world. I am the ultimate, cruel, man-eating seductress and as a petite 5’1’’ blonde I’m like a pocket rocket: small enough to fit in your pocket and hot enough to make you go off like a rocket. In all seriousness, I take great pride in my appearance: perfect hair, manicured nails, elegant make-up and the perfect outfit to make you fall instantly to my feet. I am well traveled and have no distinct accent although I am known among certain people as ‘posh’. I love mixing an elegant approach with a bit of filth!

Educated, articulate, and with a desire for perfection, I genuinely love what I do. I get a complete buzz out of being in control – there is no better way to spend the day then being worshipped and having men kneeling at my feet.

I am well-travelled and never pass up an opportunity to explore different cultures. Some of my favourite destinations are South Africa, Germany and New York.

I was first captured by the BDSM world in London – I was hosting the Erotica event with Spearmint Rhino and fell inlove with the scene. Everything about it excited Me and all I wanted was to explore. So I did and since then I have had the opportunity to learn, grow and become the Domina I am today.

Book a session today and you will be begging to be brought to heel.

Have a read of my BLOG too!

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