Mistress Luna

I am Mistress Luna of Romania, involved into BDSM scene since 2003 and, in 2008 I was honored with the title, a Sublime Lady of OWK.

I have 15 years experience who thrives on the total exchange of power. I am Dominant, and I enjoy the session with gentlemen who live to appreciate Me and My style of Domination.

I am an charismatic&highly intuitive and an emotionally intelligent Goddess.
I am very enthusiastic and genuinely involved in the BDSM scene with all its aspects.

I approach this area with seriousness and devotion and I expect my slaves to do the same.
The superficiality and frivolity has no place in my relationship with a sub!

I am a woman who respects herself and also respect her kin (including her slaves) because, above all, we are humans and all beautiful and healthy relationships are based on mutual respect. Therefore a submissive coming to Me will never be in danger of losing his self-respect.
To be submitted to Me it’s not humiliation but rather an uplifting act!

I see Myself as a person who loves life! I hate superficiality and I always try to take a look behind the appearances and this is reflected in all that I do!!!

I like to think and affirm that I’m a conscious person, aware of my qualities and defects so I embrace them and love Myself as I am!
Come and worship at My feet and experience the privilege of serving Me!

Expect to feel truly used and abused, you will come crawling back for more!

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