Miss Superior

For those of you wanting to know a little more about me, I’m an experienced professional Disciplinarian/Dominant, fetish model & business owner with 15 years experience working within the fetish industry.

I started modelling and acting over 15 years ago. I moved into doing fetish work very soon after and naturally progressed into doing Dom work with both males and females. I worked for various spanking websites doing photo & video shoots & subsequently got offers for private sessions and thought why not! It’s great fun, I can put my own unique twist into the sessions and the money was good too! It’s like play fighting for adults.

Prior to my experiences within this industry and area of life, I had many experiences with putting men in their place.

Play fights were also a regular occurance too whilst growing up. Sadly you have to grow out of that when you enter the big wide adult world!! Well it was never acceptable to kick, slap or tie people up in any of the offices I’ve worked in – despite encountering many that needed it to sort their attitude or behviour out!

I’ve always been a feisty little chick – and then developed into being strong independent woman as I grew older.

Whilst I believe balance and mutual respect. Balance, equality and understanding is important in ANY form of relationship! I’m certainly not going to do things solely on others terms (male or female) when I have my own points of view as well as needs and requirements – I do like to be in control or at the very least share responsibilities in any relationships. Thus said I am more than happy to take the lead, but treat others as I would wish to be treated. Dominance isn’t about “bossing” people around. No one likes (or respects) a bossy boots!!

You will fine me polite & possess good manners! I can’t very well discipline someone for being rude if I do not uphold such standards personally!

I believe dominance comes in many forms. Whilst I am approachable, amenable, well spoken and friendly. I am in no way a push over or someone that can be taken advantage of just because I don’t appear to be loud and proud (or in my opinion obnoxious.) I opt for quality not quantity in all areas of life.

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