Her BDSM has Few Limits and Limited Boundaries

Strict Female DOMINATRIX Sadist & HardCore PsychoBitch!
The “Female Response” to the Most Depraved & Perverted MaleMIND.

She has recently relocated to NYC from London (UK) where she enjoyed an international clientele. She embraces Fetishism/BDSM as a Dominatrix and organizes private events as a Performer/Artist. She is also a consultant into alternative lifestyles within the BDSM/Fetish community and private clients.
She is a genuine very professional International Dominatrix. She dominates, tames, teaches mostly males, but can be consulted to advise couples on BDSM dynamics in relationships.

She lives & Breathes BDSM 24/7 as an Alpha Female always dressed in Latex, or with a fashion forward sense.

Are you willing to explore and conquer your taboos, fears and fantasies or test your limits and relinquish your control? How far will you go? Embrace the Experience and she will push your limits and bring you out of your comfort zone.

“My BDSM is NOT about SEX but About Power and Achievement, self-control, every feeling, good or bad that anyone can relate to. The demeanor or accomplishments behind the BDSM dynamic is extremely therapeutic and as Your Mistress I will Educate you into my world … You will be following my Guidance or Command and follow me into the Rabbit hole … For a better understanding and a journey of Self Discovery.”


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